Dahtec Heavy Duty Shoring System Project Application


Shoring is a vital process in construction projects to prevent dangers of collapse during repairs, alterations and maintenance, especially so during construction of heavy duty bridges where the loads being supported are measured in tens of tonnes. A proper heavy duty shoring system ensures that a bridge construction project progress as intended, as well as the safety of all personnel onsite.

A versatile and strong vertical heavy duty shoring system, such as the Dahtec Shoring System (DSS) which is compliant with the British Standard BS 5975, is ideal for supporting very large slabs, bridge decks, tunnel forms and beams – crucial elements in bridge construction projects. The towers of Dahtec Shoring System (DSS) finds use in many heavy duty bridge construction projects for meeting demands in speed, safety and cost requirements.

    Areas of application of the Dahtec Shoring System (DSS) in bridge construction projects include:

  • Creating bridge openings
  • Back propping concrete materials
  • Construction and support of bridge hammerhead
  • Support of crossheads and cantilever slabs
  • Creating openings during construction for logistic access
  • Construction of shear walls
  • Support of table form flat slab column drop heads and beams
  • Construction and support of transfer beams, slabs and plates
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